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“Kosher” is a word in Hebrew that means “fit” or “proper”. When used in the context of food products, “kosher” means that the product in question meets the dietary requirements of Jewish law.

Although the term “kosher” applies to dietary laws in Judaism, kosher products also relate to the Muslim community, vegetarians and many other groups of people around the world who confidently look for the kosher emblem on the products they purchase.

Commercial Benefits

In recent years, the demand for certified kosher products has increased significantly. Sales of certified kosher products have been increasing at a rate of 15% annually, and the market continues to grow. By becoming 1kosher certified, you will have the opportunity to open up new markets for the distribution of your products, such as the United States, Israel, throughout Europe and the world. In order to meet this demand, companies around the world are looking to acquire kosher certification to expand and develop their existing market. Becoming kosher certified is an investment that will give your company the opportunity to enter a large and growing market.

Quality and health

The certification of your products indicates that they have undergone a thorough inspection and have been manufactured in full compliance with kosher values, allowing for the highest conformity of ingredients, respect of manufacturing processes and their traceability.

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