Step 1: Application form

The application form requires logistical information about your company and the respective plant. The information provided will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Registration is free of charge and is not legally binding at this stage.

Application Form

Step 2: Assessment and consultation

First, our experts will assist you with your application. Second, an expert rabbi will be appointed to manage and review your ingredients and manufacturing processes to ensure that they meet kosher standards. The information you provide will be used by our experts to answer any questions, meet your needs and guide you through the certification process.

The price will be assessed once the initial inspection has been completed and accepted.

Stage 3: Initial inspection

A visit to your production facilities will be organised, as well as to your storage areas in order to assess the different processes used during production and the raw materials.

A first inspection report will then be made to be used by your quality administrator to establish a complete assessment of this plan in your production facilities.

Step 4: Quote and contract

After an assessment and assurance that this information meets the requirements of 1kosher and its requirements for granting kosher certification, we will draw up a contract for signature.

Quotations are sent for an annual or per production fee, which will cover the full certification package.

Our price would include the following items:

  • Setting up the production process according to Kosher standards.
  • Implementation of kosher procedures (e.g. in some cases, certain system modifications may be required for certification);
  • Inspection of your factory by a local representative.Guarantee of acceptance of your certified products by us
    Not included in the price:
  • 1kosher travel costs to your production facility
  • Unannounced periodic inspection (Maximum 2 per year)

Step 5: You are certified!

As soon as all details have been finalised and all conditions and issues met, we will issue a certification letter authorising the use of our Kosher emblem on approved products.

The 1kosher team will be happy to assist you with any further questions you may have.

Final certification is provided by European Kosher ASBL.

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